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Rado has always stunned the world by amalgamating innovation and beauty in its eternal luxury watch collections. The Original series is one of such timeless collections of Rado watches. The Rado Original collection of watches is inspired by its iconic collection of 1962, DiaStar. The Original collection incorporates the ruggedness of the first scratch-resistant DiaStar watch, along with a distinctive look of its own.

Today, the Original collection stands high in the list of the most loved luxury watches of the world. It's available in variants like New Original Automatic, New Original Chronograph, The Original Automatic and The Original Automatic Diamonds.

New Rado Original Watches

History of Rado Original

Rado is an iconic name in the industry of Swiss luxury watchmaking. Founded in 1917 and headquartered in Lengnau, Switzerland, Rado produces the most vibrant collections of timepieces. The Original is one of such renowned collections that has successfully made a mark in the minds of watch-enthusiasts, all over the globe.

The Original lives up to its name as it is a reinvented version of their vintage timepieces, which are given a modern touch.

This particular collection of Rado watches is a recreation of their 1962 scratch-proof masterpiece, which was named the Rado DiaStar. Interestingly, that watch also happened to be the very first timepiece featuring sapphire crystal glass that guarded the dial. The Original collection of Rado watches for men, thus hails from a truly remarkable ancestor. The Original series embodies a bold and ageless appeal for the watch-enthusiasts. These Rado watches bear the unique signature of an impressive hard metal surface.

Let’s analyze more of what makes this collection of Rado watches for men, so recognizable? Well, first of all, its gold color and secondly, the oblong case, framed in a circular dial, which is shielded with metal all around – just like the 1963 model. There are two reasons as to why this Rado watch has always made it to the list of top luxury watches. They are – the inborn muscular look and the loyalty of the collection’s aficionados from around the globe.

The Original collection of watches have their distinctive feature of being available in gold or silver hue. Some variants may offer a distinct mix of both gold and yellow polishing.

This informs a lot about the exclusiveness of this collection of Rado watches. The Original variants are available with Quartz movement which accentuates the precision of the watch and requires zero to minimal maintenance. The case, bezel, and the bracelet are available with CVD-coated hard metal which has an elegant golden or silver hue. Also, the watches have a premium quality sapphire crystal to protect the dial. The sapphire crystal offers great strength and transparency to the dial, which enables an easy vision for the wearer. Like all other Rado watches, the Original series is highly water-resistant, with a rating of 3 bar (generally), the series offers watches that can endure 30 meters depth of water.

The most recent addition to the Original watch collection is the New Original Chronograph. This Rado watch is the living avatar of creativity blended with regal designs. Made of Rado's advanced high-performance materials and the iconic precision chronograph movement, this Rado watch is reimagined to suit the needs of modern wearers. The watch's silver hue adds to its beauty and the stainless steel used in the case and bezel adds to its ruggedness. To your surprise, the watch is powered with 10 bar of water resistance.

Further, a sapphire crystal is used as a guard for the dial. This Rado watch also shows the date of the month near the 4 o'clock marker.

Another of the great variants of The Original collection is the New Original Automatic collection. The Rado New Original Automatic represents the classic Rado look and enhances the feel on the wearer’s wrist. The watch is crafted with the advanced Automatic movement and has stainless steel as the material used for making the dial. The Rado’s New Original Automatic collection is much more than just a fad among the present Rado watches for men, it's a true regal timepiece, made for the best. The sister variant of New Original Automatic is The Original Automatic, with its chic dial, showcasing silver and golden polish stripped side by side, this watch is a masterpiece of today's Swiss watch craftsmanship.

The Rado Original series is a boon for the lovers of diamonds. The Original Automatic Diamonds collection offers an exquisite series of timepieces perfectly crafted with premium diamonds studded in the glorious dials. These diamonds signify the hour markings on the dial. This collection gives a royal look to your outfit with the shiny diamonds being capable enough to leave a lasting impression. The model Ref. R12413783, with the elegant look of The Original series, offers an eye-catching visual. The dial of the watch is silver plated and showcases four diamonds, marking the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock on the dial. Besides, this Rado watch showcases the day and date of the month along with the time.

The Rado Original series of watches are designed for the 21st-century wearer. With its state of the art design and premium features, the collection is here to stay. Rado has tested and redesigned the collection several times so that the series keeps up with the latest trends of the contemporary world. The Original collection of Rado watches for men is worth keeping an eye on!

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