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The spirit of innovativeness is the prime driver of Rado Watch Company ever since it began making movements in 1917. The Swiss watches manufacturer was established by the Schlup brothers at their parent’s home in Lengnau, Switzerland. In the early 1950s, the first Rado watch was presented to the world, opening up a new chapter of innovation for the celebrated brand. In 2012, the luxury watches maker introduced the HyperChrome wristwatch which has a high-tech Ceramic monobloc case to ensure a distinctive appearance.

At the 2018’s Baselworld fair, a new Rado HyperChrome model filled the arena with a blissful shine with the glossy and skeletonized brilliance.


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New Rado Hyperchrome Watches


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History of Rado HyperChrome

While most watch enthusiasts came to know of the Rado Company in the 1950s, the luxury watches maker dates its origin back in 1917. The brand was established by the Schlups brothers in their hometown- Lengnau, Switzerland. At the time, Rado Company operated as the Schlup & Co Watchmaking Factory and it designed watch movements for other watchmakers.

Around its 40th Anniversary, Schlup & Co created its first watch and rebranded the name to Rado Company. Through its staunch commitment to providing its consumers with the best, the Swiss watchmaker launched the Golden Horse watch in the year 1957. The prestigious timepiece was to act as a signature of the brand on the recreational diving watches which were now trending on the market.

By the 1980s, Rado watches were already well-known amid the other Swiss brands, following their exclusive innovative design. In the year 1986, the watchmaker introduced the Rado Integral watch with the robust scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and high-tech Ceramic bracelet which was scratchproof too.

In 1993, Rado designers presented to their expanding market the Sintra watch which features a cermet case. Technically, Cermet is a touch and glossy Ceramic material which results from combining a titanium-based ceramic with metal. This firmed the new Ceramic signature of the Rado watches which was now the primary definitive feature after the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

In the year 2011, Rado Watch Company decided to update the face of its Ceramic watches and introduced the slim True Thinline lineup. The technology used on the encompassed series truly requires a very high level of expertise as it’s even possible they’re the world’s thinnest high-tech Ceramic watches.

Since its debut, Rado Company has been a Company that is heavily invested in avant-garde technology and innovation. In 2012, the Lengnau-based watchmaker decided to enhance the technology it has created for the Thinline collection and use on a new watch series. Unlike the rest of Ceramic Rado watches which has a stainless core, the new watch, under the name HyperChrome, has a high-tech Ceramic monobloc case. Thus, presenting you with a glossy splendor in only the single Ceramic.

Despite the remarkable sales from the first Rado HyperChrome, the designers decided to do extra enhancements on the watch for proper functionality and reliability. In 2014, the brand introduced the HyperChrome Dual Timer which uses the ultra-modern touch technology to reset instead of the winding crown. For the aviators and traveling hobbyists, the “hyper” HyperChrome Ceramic watch has a Second Time Zone feature at the six o’clock. Thus, ensuring you’re able to track both your home and foreign time simultaneously.

Just as the ambiance by the HyperChrome Ceramic Dual Timer was still within Baselworld fair, Rado added the collection with three new series in 2015. One of the models presented was the Rado HyperChrome Automatic which has monobloc Ceramic case and bracelets links, alongside a 21-jewel automatic movement.

Another series which was added to the sporty high-tech ceramic lineup is the Rado HyperChrome Diamonds. Although a black version of the watch has already been introduced a couple of years back, the new version has a chocolate brown profile. Hence, ensure your stylishness is as sweet and glittering with the brilliant diamonds on the bezel.

For the fans of speeding cars and complicated timepieces, the Rado HyperChrome Automatic Chronograph Tachymeter was the third model on the 2015 release list. The racing watch has a high-tech Ceramic case with a polished bezel which harbors a tachymetric scale for calculating the speed/ distance covered. Similar to the other two, the new HyperChrome Chronograph was a special-but-limited edition to keep the contemporary collection blissful and vibrant.

At the Baselworld 2018, another limited Reference 653.0249.3.015 of the Rado HyperChrome entered the iconic fair, though as an upgrade of the preceding Chronograph. The timepiece has a skeletonized dial which presents you with a front view of the installed automatic ETA chronograph movement. Whereas the sapphire crystal caseback gives you a glimpse of the rear of the golden movement. While the skeletonized dial speaks for the precious watch, the out casing features the brand’s signature high-tech Ceramic, though with stainless steel inserts. Rado watch Company designed the skeletonized HyperChrome Chronograph as a limited edition of only 600 pieces. But I guess it’s still not very late for you to get a sophisticated chronograph which even has a tachymeter attached for optimum reliability.

Currently, there are over a dozen Rado HyperChrome watches, ranging from the professional classic-inspired models the Reference R32252162 to the colorful selections like Reference R32259313.

With firm commitment and the desire to serve all your precision and stylishness needs, at The Watch Company we offer various selections for your wardrobe. Feel free to browse through for your favorite design and also check our blog page for more details and latest series of Rado watches.

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