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Rado – a Swiss watch manufacturing company – is a pioneer in the watchmaking industry. The company has launched several successful watch collections, of which, Integral is one of the most loved ones. The Rado Integral introduced in 1986, was the first collection to feature an innovative bracelet, made of high-grade ceramic, which makes the watch extremely tough and also scratch proof.

The Integral collection is available in metallic or non-metallic shades and glossy, matte, satin brushed or decorated finish. This makes the Rado Integral, one of the most versatile designer watch collections of all time.

New Rado Integral Watches

History of Rado Integral

Rado is a 102-year-old Swiss luxury watchmaking company. Rado has introduced the world to some of the most innovative watch collections and Rado Integral is one of them. Rado Integral was a revolution in the watch manufacturing industry of the 20th century. It was the first watch collection to introduce a high-tech ceramic stainless steel bracelet to the world in 1986. Since then, the watch collection has been redesigned several times to suit contemporary needs. Still, the new models remain aligned to their original look and feel. These Rado watches for men are truly royal timepieces that continue to attract new watch enthusiasts.

The hardness of Rado Integral's high-tech ceramic material ensures durability and finesse. Hardness is measured using the Vickers scale, the higher the value on the scale, the greater the resistance. Rado Integral's high-tech surface attains a value of 10,000 on the scale, which is comparable to that of a natural diamond. These Rado watches for men have their cases and bezels also made of high-tech ceramic stainless steel, which not only ensures durability but also comfort for the wearer. The ceramic material used in Rado Integral collection is well-known for being gentle to the skin and smooth on the wrist.

The Integral collection comes with a purely metalized sapphire crystal – extraordinarily hard glass – which makes it resistant to scratches. Another essential feature of the sapphire crystal is its transparency. It is highly transparent, which enables the wearer to easily look at the watch, even in high lighting conditions. The Rado Integral collection is equipped with edge-to-edge crystal that helps reduce glares. Furthermore, some sapphire crystals of this watch collection have an anti-reflective coating on both the sides, in order to enhance the transparency.

These Rado watches are powered by Quartz movement. Quartz movements enable high precision as they are highly accurate. Besides, it requires minimal to no maintenance, aside from battery replacements. These Rado watches are powered by premium quality Swiss button type zinc-silver oxide or lithium batteries. Rado assures a battery life of minimum 30 months for its watches, under normal conditions of operation.

The Rado Integral watch collection has high-temperature durability too. It works just fine within the temperature limits of 0 to 60°C. It is recommended to avoid extreme changes in temperature (i.e. beyond the limits stated) or high humidity levels.

Rado has been producing water-resistant watches since 1958. From its inception, Integral collection has always been highly water resistant, making it perfect to confront any unforeseen misadventure. All the watches in Rado Integral and Integral Diamond collection can withstand water pressure of 5 bar (a depth of 50 meters). Furthermore, to ensure permanent water resistance of the Integral collection watches, it is recommended to get them checked at an authorized Rado Service Center once in a year.

As aforementioned, the Rado Integral collection requires minimal maintenance. Even if your Integral watch is working fine, Rado recommends getting it serviced every 5 to 7 years. This will enhance the value of the watch and prolong its life also.

Nearly, all the models of watches in the Integral collection provide the additional functionality of displaying the date of the month above the six o’clock position. Hence, displaying both time and date at the same place. Furthermore, to add to the luxury, various Integral models have diamonds studded at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock positions.

The Integral collection is prized for its numerous designs, a combination of bold shades and the fusion of innovative material. Every Rado watch of Integral collection stands up to the requirements set for a perfect everyday watch. The Integral collection offers models with perfect matching or contrasting dials and bracelets. For example, Rado Integral (R20786172) is a perfect watch for ladies and offers a rectangular dial of black color along with a black bracelet. This exquisite watch is like the icing on the cake for your casual or formal outfit. On the other hand, one of the Rado watch of this collection (R20213713) offers a unique contrast to the wearer's wrist. Its dial is of black color and the bracelet is of silver finish. So, if you prefer contrasting features, this is the watch for you.

Rado Integral collection offers Yellow Gold PVD coated watches also. The bracelet is of high-tech ceramic with a PVD coating of Yellow Gold. The Rado Integral (R207992252) is yet another exotic women’s wristwatch that features high-tech ceramic stainless steel with Gold PVD. It has a highly convenient clasp of Fold-over with double push-button safety type. Its stunning hue and the rectangular dial makes it perfect for any occasion.

Any Integral model you choose, you're bound to be awestruck by the breathtaking designs that embellish the wrists of men and women alike. Rado Integral watch collection is a poster child of fusing a pristine visual beauty with the flair of advanced technology. With its classy design and premium feel, the Rado Integral perfectly blurs the lines between vintage and modern world.

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