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Rado is one of the most well-known watch brands today. It was founded by three brothers as a small family business in 1917 in Lengnau, Switzerland. Rado’s watchmaking factory was initially set up in a small room of the family home; at that time, the brand was named Schlup & Co. The brand was re-christened as “Rado” it is now later in the 1950s. By then, they had cemented their position as one of the largest watch manufacturers in the world. From its inception until today, the company has maintained its focus on furthering innovation in terms of both materials and technology and has earned a stellar reputation for the same.

The Golden Horse collection was one of the first watch collections to be produced under the Rado brand. It made its debut in 1957 as Rado celebrated its 40th anniversary. One new watch model was added to the Golden Horse collection in 2019, and 3 more variants in 2020. The variants were part of a limited edition series. In terms of design and structure, they stay true to the original but bring in a sense of modernity with an automatic mechanism. With ideal dress watches for men, the Golden Horse collection is a highly coveted line.

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The History of Rado

Rado had very modest beginnings in the town of Lengnau, Switzerland. The company was founded in 1917 by three brothers: Fritz, Werner, and Ernst. It was initially known as the Schlup & Co. watchmaking factory and was set up in a part of their family home. They may have started small, but by the end of the Second World War, they were amongst the largest producers of watch movements. Their philosophy at that time is followed even today — “if we can imagine it, we can make it.”

The Rado watch brand name was born in the 1950s. Within a decade, they had an international presence across 61 countries. This was also the decade when the Golden Horse and the Green Horse collections made their debut. The latter was one of the first models to be marketed with its water resistance feature. As the company grew, Rado built its image as a brand that is always ahead of the curve with its use of innovative materials and high-tech timepieces.

The 1960s were marked by the introduction of the DiaStar – another iconic model and the first scratch resistant watch. This was Rado’s response to the demand for robust, comfortable watches with an exclusive style. It also marked the entrance of sapphire crystal and hard metal in the watchmaking industry.

In the 80s, Rado watches were the first to use ceramics. This would go on to become a Rado signature material. The brand’s material innovation continued with the launch of cermet – a titanium-based ceramic, in the 90s. In 1998, Rado introduced the Ceramica – a watch featuring plasma high-tech ceramic that exuded a metallic glow without the use of any metal.

Rado in the 21st Century

To usher in the new millennium, Rado launched a watch without a crown – the first of its kind ever seen. In 2002, they launched a watch made of high-tech diamond that promises to be as resilient as the real gemstone. In the second decade, the brand focused its attention on designing ultra-thin watches for which they have received laurels worldwide. They have introduced watches that are no more than 5mm thick! They did away with the stainless steel core previously integral to the watches and designed timepieces with a sleek monobloc case.

Rado also braved uncharted waters with touch technology in a watch that can be set with a simple touch and swipe. Rado expanded its ceramic color palette with a stylish chocolate brown high-tech ceramic finish. Today, Rado is known as one of the oldest Swiss watchmakers. They are revered for their style, design and craftsmanship. While many other traditional watchmakers collapsed under the invasion of quartz and digital watches, Rado has stood the test of time and carefully balances its heritage with a spirit of innovation.

Priceless Rado Watches

Owning a Rado is every watch collector’s dream. The watches fall under the luxury category and are comparable with the best in the world. With specific reference to the Golden Horse collection, Rado watches are priced almost similarly, with only a slight difference based on the strap chosen. While they are expensive, the price is well worth the value as these watches are known to be exceptional in every way.

The Rado Golden Horse Collection

The Golden Horse collection was initially launched in 1957. This was in fact one of the first collections to be marketed under the new Rado brand name. It has since been re-launched with stunning limited-edition models. The collection flaunts modern design features on a vintage base, thus illustrating the brand’s glorious past and illustrious present. It is the definition of "new vintage."

The collection essentially has 2 models. Both men’s watches are identical in terms of dials and watch movements, with the difference lying mainly in the strap and the color of the dial.

The Golden Horse Automatic R33930355 has a red dial and a black leather strap while the other3 models have a stainless steel bracelet and a choice of green, blue and a black dial. The leather strap model was launched in 2019 while the other three were brought out a year later in 2020. The watches are part of limited edition series with only 1957 pieces. The number of pieces is probably a hint to the year in which the collection was first launched.

The dials are set in a domed case with thick Hesalite-mimicking sapphire crystal that pays homage to the design style of the 50s. Geometric hour indices mark the hours while three watch hands tell the time. A framed date window is set at the 3 ‘o’clock position. The Golden Horse logo takes the centre stage on the dial. Another iconic feature that makes an appearance is the oscillating anchor at the 12 ‘o’clock position. This throwback detail goes back to when Rado used the Anchor to indicate the need for watch servicing.

In the olden days when the anchor stopped oscillating, the watch needed to be sent in for servicing. The automatic movement that runs the watch is concealed behind a closed case back. The watches boast an 80-hour power reserve and are water resistant up to 50m. With its discreet size and proportionally designed strap, the watch is ideal as a dress watch. The strap itself deserves special mention. The stainless steel bracelets are functional and sturdy, without being bulky. The clasp reflects a vintage look but functions as a modern folding clasp. The vintage beads-of-rice styled bracelet gives the watch a formal look without appearing limp or stretched.

Own a Rado Golden Horse Watch Now

Rado Golden Horse watches are great timepieces without a shred of doubt. The watch has remained faithful to the original design as much as possible and is appropriately sized for men’s watches. It is light and sits comfortably on the wrist. Overall, the watch offers great value for money and will make sure that you stand out in a crowd. If you are looking for a sub-40mm watch to wear to business meetings or upscale parties, this is the perfect choice.

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