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The Rado Ceramica is a splendid luxury watch collection designed with top-notch and nearly unparalleled material. It was the first collection to have both the watch case and bracelet comprising of high-tech scratch resistant ceramic, when it was initially launched in 1990. Later in 1998, the brand came up with another innovation with the unveiling of the Ceramica in a unique platinum colored tint.

The ceramics used in this Rado watch were transformed by a patented plasma treatment, rendering high-tech features to it. The Ceramica once again defines where Rado stands, right at the top of the leaderboard!

New Rado Ceramica Watches

History of Rado Ceramica

Rewinding to more than a century back, it was in 1917 when the Schlup brothers began producing watch movements in their self-established factory in Lengnau, Switzerland. It was only four decades later, i.e. in 1957, when the company started producing timepieces themselves with the help of Rado Watch Co. Ltd. Today, Rado has become one of the biggest watch manufacturers in the world, all thanks to its innovative watch collections. Among other features, Rado utilizes hard metal, high-tech ceramics, lanthanum, and polycrystalline diamond for the purpose of production of various timepiece elements, specifically the watch cases and bracelets.

With the use of the high-tech ceramics and overall modern design technology, Rado Ceramica makes up the perfect Rado watch. The remarkable design of this masterpiece reinterprets the traditional wristwatch form and at the same time allows the bracelet and watch case to collectively transcend boundaries.

These iconic Rado watches have been redesigned to suit the contemporary new look for the modern wearers. Featuring muscular lines and gently curved silhouette, it is guaranteed to be one of the best Rado watches for men. It is loaded with traits like lightness, scratch resistance, and wearer comfort. Every luxury watch enthusiast will vouch for the premium quality of the watches in Ceramica collection.

The launch of the Rado Ceramica in 1990, introduced the world to a completely integrated watch case and bracelet made of sapphire crystal and high-tech ceramic. In 1998, Rado took another innovative step forward with the introduction of the Ceramica in a unique platinum colored tone. The Rado Ceramica was launched in a fascinating color and material combination that exudes a metallic glow without the use of any metal at all. It was possible with years of hard work and research. The ceramics used in the timepiece were subjected to and transformed by a patented plasma treatment, rendering high-tech features to it. Therefore, in 1998, the Ceramica was the first Rado watch chosen to feature pioneering plasma high-tech ceramic, a fascinating color and material combination that exudes excellence. With the launch of this reformed version of Ceramica, Rado ensured that it leads in the field of high-tech materials with its innovative zeal.

Although the Ceramica collection has been around since 1990, which is a long time, it is still compatible with the brand’s aesthetic, especially with similar non-round collections. These Rado watches showcase excellent rectangular dials which are meant to embody the brand’s values of minimalist, modernist styling and use of ceramic. Rado launched the newly modified Ceramica in 2016 and then announced the Automatic models in 2017. The exemplary Rado Ceramica has been upgraded with a contemporary new look for modern wearers. Its impact is literally visible with its strong demand among the watch enthusiasts, ever since its launch. The latest Ceramica collection features a light-weight body which provides the wearer comfort, and on top of that, it’s also scratch resistant. It also features automatic movement for the very first time. The automatic versions are made thicker to accommodate the mechanical movements and have a variety of design options for the dial rather than quartz. More importantly, the Rado Ceramica Automatic gets some key features right in its design and execution.

The classic model from the Rado Ceramica series is the Ceramica Multifunction (Ref. 193.0324.3.016). It’s one of the most sought after Rado watches for men. With a case diameter of 28-millimeters, the timepiece can indeed be adorned on the wrists of men and women alike. It serves multiple purposes in everyday life, hence true to its name. The timepiece features seven LCD functions such as day, date and alarm function. Its design is the typical Rado "avant-garde meets high tech functionality", which surely beats the rest of the crowd. The rectangular case along with the sleek bracelet of the watch consists of black high-tech ceramic. The dial of the timepiece is also black while the hands, indices, and LCD features of the watch stand out in a contrasting tone.

Specially tailored for the delicate wrists is the ladies' watch from the Rado Ceramica series, whose design follows the footsteps of the famous Ceramica design. (Ref. 152.0826.3.075) It is comprised of a watch case and bracelet finished with a platinum-colored plasma treatment. The overall classy character is rounded off with a restrained black dial and four diamond indices. Additionally, sleek silver-colored hands make it stand out from the rest.

Further models from the women’s Rado Ceramica line are graced in a classic black, such as the simple Rado Ceramica (Ref. 963.0540.3.023), whose case and bracelet are made of high-tech black ceramic while the dial of the watch is also presented in a sophisticated black. The dial isn’t fitted with any indices and is as simple as can be. The cool steel hands serve the principal purpose of the watch, which is, telling the time.

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