Rado Diamaster Watches

The DiaMaster collection is the reinterpretation of a series of successful vintage Rado watches. The DiaMaster collection brings up the essence of the brand at its very best. Rado Diamaster is the blend of traditional design characteristics and the superb legibility of the dials.

The new Rado DiaMaster models showcase Rado’s bold approach to design and how the brand succeeds in daring to be different. In 2013, Rado launched a completely redesigned DiaMaster collection comprising of high-tech ceramic material. Now, with the 2018 DiaMaster collection, Rado is definitely raising the bar of luxury watchmaking.

New Rado Diamaster Watches

History of Rado DiaMaster

The name DiaMaster has long been prized as the synonym of the Rado brand itself. The DiaMaster collection can be distinguished by their highly scratch resistant and robust timepieces. These Rado watches for men are inspired by the classic old-school simplicity. Today, the DiaMaster series is deemed as the new face of Rado. Further, that face has a new face of its own.

The watches in the series are large with open dials, which enables easy readability and an unobscured view. In 2013, the DiaMaster collection was unveiled with a complete redesign. It has been transformed into a collection which is delightfully diverse, ranging from brawny, supersized chronographs to a dainty, diamond studded jewel. No other Rado watch collection has been created in such an extensive array of dial designs and materials. These Rado watches for men are professionally crafted, using materials such as high-tech ceramic, sumptuous leather, or carbon-diffused steel. This new range meets the demands of both the clients who are interested in innovative watch material combinations, as well as those who are looking for a stylish and universal watch.

The Rado DiaMaster collection allows the wearer to choose from a wide range of ceramic color palette. Some of the historic hues include midnight black, heavenly white, misty grey and gleaming plasma. The DiaMaster’s complex and innovative five-link high-tech ceramic bracelet is a powerful showstopper. Through a fairly complex and time-consuming process, Rado's highly skilled craftsmen construct each bracelet with their own hands, using hundreds of tiny ceramic links.

In 2013, the Rado DiaMaster RHW1 (Ref. 510.0586.3.115) was launched and was limited to a circulation of only 2000 pieces worldwide. This particular version of the Rado DiaMaster collection is memorable in many ways, but the most important feature of the timepieces was the delicate weight of just 70 grams. This model is still the guiding star for the other DiaMaster watches.

This ultra-light, yet robust watch is prized for its distinctive “old-bronze” tone. On one hand the exterior of the watch enchants with a royal design and on the other hand, the interior of the watch is characterized by ultra-modern technical features. At the heart of the watch lies a lightweight aluminum hand-wound movement system. The minute, hour and the small second's hands have a PVD gold coating, which perfectly synchronizes with the black dial and the ceramic case. The case of the watch is made of high-tech ceramic stainless steel, which is twice as light as a standard ceramic material.

The components used in the movement system of the watch further enhances the lightweight concept of the watch. Interior components like plates and the bridge, which are traditionally made from brass, have been replaced with lightweight aluminum material.

The Rado DiaMaster collection of watches saw another major modification in November 2014. A new model of the DiaMaster Collection was presented to the global watch market – the unique DiaMaster Skeleton Automatic. The model equips the popular skeletonization technique and is blended with a characteristic Rado style.

This implies that large parts of the watch case is transparent. It is to be noted that the dial of this watch was made up of metallic lustrous plasma-treated high-tech ceramic, which is protected by a curved sapphire crystal. The sapphire crystal offers extreme ruggedness to the watch and also has an anti-reflective coating. The high transparency of the sapphire crystal allows for a deeper insight into the complex watch movements.

The Rado DiaMaster collection has historically been comprised of some of the most coveted watch models. Another of its important collection is the DiaMaster Automatic Power Reserve range, which is limited to just 1,314 pieces. Furthermore, these Rado watches of diamond range bring in a subtle touch of glamour to the pared-down and simplistic design of the DiaMaster collection. Another stupendous model under the DiaMaster series is the Rado DiaMaster Automatic Grande Seconde. This model has evolved a clear, open and readable dial. It features a minimalist design and a 43 mm high-tech ceramic case. Having a touch of the oversized second's display, the model shows a contrasting visual design, which is both eye-catching and classic.

DiaMaster Petite Seconde is another impressive segment of DiaMaster watches. It has the familiar minimalist design, clear, open, readable dials and a muscular construction. These Rado watches offers quality and a premium look to the wearer. The Swiss automatic movement system is another reason why the DiaMaster Automatic series has become a favorite in the Rado collection.

The legendary Swiss watch manufacturer Rado has a long history of successfully making luxury watches. The Famous DiaMaster brilliantly demonstrates the skillful know-how of the celebrated manufacturer and simply exceeds the requirements of a reliable watch. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that since its inception, the DiaMaster collection has single-handedly dominated over its rival brands. Its attractive design ensures that time is always on your side.

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