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Premium materials and exquisite design can be discovered in the Rado Centrix collection of watches. Rado Centrix, as the name suggests, exemplify a perfectly unaltered circle.

Rado has once again proved its unremitting innovative spirit with the production of the Rado Centrix collection. The collection is presented in two main variants – the Centrix Ceramic and the Centrix Steel. As any watch enthusiasts may understand, the two models differ in terms of their material. In May 2016, Rado launched its most coveted, the Centrix Open Heart collection. It has been dominating the watch markets ever since.


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New Rado Centrix Watches


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History of Rado Centrix

Rado – the Swiss luxury watchmaker – is well known across the globe for its innovative technologies and the use of advanced materials for manufacturing wristwatches. The Rado Centrix is one such luxury watch collection which is recognized for its robust and reliable service. The Centrix collection stands out among its rivals and exudes a stylish and fashionable aura on your wrist.

The Rado Centrix timepieces stand up to their names as it signifies a perfectly unaltered circle. Accordingly, the Centrix collection is available only in circular dials. Rado enables the customers to choose from a comprehensive range of Centrix designs, all of which offers an uncompromising sense of luxury.

After lunching Centrix in two main versions, i.e., the Centrix Ceramic and Centrix Steel, three years ago, Rado launched the unique, ‘Centrix Open Heart' collection at an exclusive launch event in Beijing, China. Rado Centrix Open Heart collection was launched by the brand ambassador of Rado, Tang Wei. The design features of the Centrix Open Heart collection of luxury watches symbolize the Chinese Valentine's Day story. As per the tale, two true lovers were cursed by bad fate and were able to meet only once a year, on the seventh night of the seventh moon. That night, all the magpies, present in the world, fly together and form a bridge, which unites the separated lovers for just one night.

This legend comes to life in the dials of the Centrix Open Heart collection watches. The concave and crescent-shaped dial leaves the bottom half of the watch’s mechanics completely exposed, which represents the bridge of magpies, upon which the true lovers stand. Further, the diamonds studded in the dial represent the stars in the night sky. The Centrix Open Heart family comes in a wide range of striking colors and materials.

These newly launched Rado watches come with a high-tech ceramic stainless steel which makes its bracelet robust and durable. Furthermore, the high-tech ceramic used in the bracelet ensures that the watch is scratch proof. Depending upon the hue of the Rado watch, it is covered with a premium quality PVD coating. The case and the bezel are again made up of stainless steel, thus enhancing the life of the watch.

The Centrix collection offers the customers the luxury of wearing a Sapphire, an extraordinarily hard glass, as the glass top of the watch. This makes the watch resistant to scratches or wear and tear. Further, sapphire crystal is highly transparent, which enables the wearer to easily look at the watch, even in high lighting conditions. Also, the Rado Centrix collection is water resistant and can withstand water pressure of 3 bar (a depth of 30 meters). Besides, some watches can have water resistance as high as 10 bar (a depth of 100 meters).

Rado Coupole – a unique model from the Rado Centrix collection – was the first timepiece to be introduced with a dome-shaped sapphire crystal. In 1987, the first Coupole was introduced to the market and was instantly admired by watch connoisseurs worldwide. Apart from Centrix Coupole and the Centrix Open Heart, the Centrix collection also includes Centrix Automatic range, Centrix Automatic Diamonds, and the Centrix Diamonds.

Refined to an optimum level, these Rado watch models are provided with either a mechanical or quartz movement. A popular model from the collection is the Rado Centrix Quartz S (Ref. 111.0928.3.012). This impressive watch radiates elegance and acts as a luxurious piece of jewelry on the wrist. The heart of this model is powered by the precise quartz movement and is safely enclosed in a sleek stainless steel case.

The Rado Centrix Quartz L (Ref. 115.0554.3.071) is another majestic timepiece under the Rado Centrix collection. It exudes restraint and subtle simplicity. The Rado Centrix Quartz L has a robust yet elegant 38-millimeter stainless steel case, treated with a PVD coating and is finished with a rose-gold coloring. Further, the Rado Centrix Quartz L comes with a sleek black dial that is further complemented by rose-gold colored hands.

In the Centrix collection, Rado has mainly focused on the design of the dials. The Centrix Open Heart models have a skeleton dial through which the owner can admire the mechanical movements. A distinctive feature of these Rado watches is the mix of stainless steel and ceramics. Like other Rado collection, the Centrix is unisex with both men's and women's models.

The Rado Centrix is one of the most popular luxury watch collections because of its versatility, availability of different sizes and color combinations. This guarantees that there is a Rado Centrix to suit all tastes.

The design, style and the feel of the Rado Centrix collection make it a coveted watch collection. The tapered and lightweight bracelets of Rado Centrix are unequivocally gentle. They will embrace your wrist sensually and offer exquisite comfort. Every Rado Centrix is crafted for perfection.

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