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Despite its young age, the About Vintage has truly become a talk of many recently. The brand was established in 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark by Sebastian Skov Regeser and Thomas Gyvelgaard Andersen. The duo was really passionate about classical vintage timepieces and that’s what drove them to create the brand which will offer affordable vintage-inspired pieces. One of the most praised collections from the Scandinavian watchmaker is the About Vintage Automatic which has a distinguishable “professional” vintage appeal and functionality.

Amongst the series encompassed in the Automatic collection is the About Vintage 1820 which has a brilliant white dial and a definitive second counter ring.


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History of About Vintage Automatic watches

Although its doors were officially opened in 2014, the plans of the establishment of About Vintage Watch Company began in 2013. Thomas Gyvelgaard Andersen and Sebastian Skov Regeser- the founders of the luxury watches brand, have been friends since childhood, thus, spent time together a lot.

Following their strong desire to owning a vintage timepiece, Andersen and Skov were truly disconcerted by the high prices set by the collectors. With no enough finances to fulfill their desires, the two continued with their chats and that’s when an idea of creating their own brand erupted. Then came the establishment of the About Vintage Watchmaking Company.

Since its debut, About Vintage offers all its watches at affordable prices, despite their stunning design which even include use of precious metal coating. Apart from affordability and attractiveness, another enticing feature of the Skov Andersen’s watches is their names which remind of important years in the watchmaking industry.

Anyhow, long story short, About Vintage Watch Company is staunchly dedicated to bringing you modest-but-contemporary timepieces that will not just shine your timeliness and wardrobe. But will make you revisit and make moments about it one day and give it history.

Currently, there are about four different collections of About Vintage watches, including the special edition of the 1988 Moonphase. Designed through the collaboration of Skov Andersen and the renowned Frederique Constant, the Swiss Made watch features an extraordinary brilliance, alongside advanced complications.

At the core, the About Vintage 1988 Moonphase runs with an original FC-702 Automatic movement which Frederique Constant has developed in-house entirely. The 26-jewel movement is able to reserve power for up to 42 hours, whilst offering multiple functions of center hour, date, and even moonphase complication.

In case you find the leathered moon watch less of your professional desires, the About Vintage Automatic collection features classic “professional” models, all vintage-inspired but contemporary. The prestigious lineup has two major series, the 1820 Automatic which was the first to launch and the Swiss Made series which has ETA-2824 movement.

Although its outer case is the sturdy 316L stainless steel, the inner casing of the 1820 Automatic watch is the major definitive aspect. The watch is available in two versions, with both having a classic-inspired white dial with Arabic numerals and blue/ silvered hands. For optimum distinctiveness, Skov Andersen designed the 40mm About Vintage watch with an exclusive second counter ring with Arabic numerals.

Essentially, Switzerland is believed by many to be home of watchmaking. The region harbors most of the luxury watches manufacturers, such as Rolex, Omega, Hublot, and our Frederique Constant as well. Following the remarkable reputation attached to the Swiss watches, Skov Andersen added the About Vintage Automatic with the 1971 series which features automatic Swiss Made timepieces.

The 1971 Automatic watches are in around 10 distinct versions, all created in a fashionable contemporary design which won’t embarrass you. As the first Swiss Made Automatic watch for the About Vintage brand, the creators borrowed its inspiration from the Swiss watches “calendar”. Historically, the year 1971 was when the laws that certify a watch to be “Swiss Made” were codified under the Ordinance of the Federal Council. To showcase the relevance of the year to Swiss Watches, Skov Andersen even created each of the encompassed models with only 1971 pieces.

As one of the Swiss Made About Vintage watches, 1971 Automatic 127268 has a 316L steel case with a rose gold coating for extra attractiveness. At the core, the 40mm wristwatch houses caliber ETA 2824-2 Automatic movement which has been used by Swiss brands like Tudor (sister company of Rolex). The rear of the movement is clearly visible through the transparent caseback.

Apart from the elegant gold, the Swiss Made Automatic collection also has the simple steel version to serve your modest likings. Since men are known to like dull colors for their flexibility, the timepiece has a black dial and mixed Arabic/ sticks indexes. This ensures you can use your watch with any dressing style, thus a great lifesaver.

Furthermore, due to the installed interchangeable straps, all About Vintage Automatic watches can be personalized with your theme of the day with just a click. Whether you want the black croco, dark green or mesh steel strap, your watch is set to match your outfit and occasion in seconds.

While some might think of it to be too young to be legit, the About Vintage has been a brand for all, including even world celebrities. Most recently, several stars were spotted wearing a watch from the brand, including Pilou Asbæk (Game of Thrones) and Alex Høgh Andersen from the Vikings series.

Well, select your favorite About Vintage Automatic from the various models provided below and let your wrist tick with a tick from a contemporary vintage-inspired timepiece. For updates and complete reviews of Skov Andersen’s watches, visit our blog page and don’t forget to leave us your feedback on the comment box.

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