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Diesel is an Italian company founded by Renzo Rosso in the year 1978. Renzo was always passionate about making clothes and he grew up stitching jeans for his friends. He used his mother's sewing machine to sew bell bottomed jeans that he sold for 3500 Lira. In 1976, he worked with Moltex to learn the basics of a textile company. After two years, he used a loan to buy 40% of a company that changed its name to diesel. He marketed his special jeans under this brand and later, the brand became known for its high quality denim.

As the company gained success and fame, Renzo decided to partner up with other manufacturers to expand the business. One such manufacturer was Fossil. They partnered up to give the world an incredible line of timepieces that would become a huge hit. Today, Diesel sells luxurious and extraordinary watches that are worn by the masses. Due to a comparatively affordable price range, Diesel is a common option for many when it comes to watches. Their watches are worn by people who love to look classy while keeping their pockets stable.

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History of Diesel

Diesel is a well-known popular Italian clothing brand. The headquarters of Diesel are located in Breganze, Italy. Diesel is known to sell denim along with other clothing items, footwear, and accessories. Diesel produces clothing for women, men, and children. The founder of diesel is Renzo Rosso who began making clothes at a young age. He would stitch jeans himself and sell them to friends and acquaintances. He attended industrial textile and manufacturing high school.

He founded the company in the year 1978 and initially sold denim. In only a few years, Diesel was able to build a name for itself in the mainstream textile industry. In the early 2000s, Diesel decided to license their brand to other retail manufacturers in order to broaden their product span. Diesel made a partnership with Fossil and started manufacturing exceptional timepieces.

Price and Value of Diesel Watch

Diesel and Fossil work hand in hand to produce some of the most affordable yet amazing timepieces. Diesel watches are manufactured by Fossil. Fossil is a remarkable manufacturer of timepieces. It uses the extremely reliable and accurate quartz movement in its watches. Quartz movement is also quite low-maintenance which makes the end price of the timepiece quite affordable. Fossil is known to produce durable timepieces that are affordable and economical. Anyone wanting to look classy with a statement timepiece, but hesitates in spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on it can stick to a diesel watch. It also very easy to get the watch fixed if damaged. You can go to any watchmaker and get it serviced or replace the battery if needed. Timepieces by Diesel are extremely easy to maintain. Usually, Fossil watches range from $100 to $300. It is an ideal price range for an average income earner.

Best Selling Models

Diesel has created some exceptional timepieces that have been loved by the masses. The company is an expert at creating mens' watches. Here are some of the best selling models of diesel watches for men.

Double Down DZ1437

It is the ideal choice for anyone who is looking for an affordable sleek and stylish watch to add to their style. This ultra modern time piece has index markers at two, three, and four hours. The large numerals add to the unique aesthetics of this watch. The only drawback is that it shows wear and tear quickly. However, that can be controlled by taking good care of it. It has a hypoallergenic silicone band and a sleek all black design.

Little Daddy

The Little Daddy is not your ordinary time piece. It is made to be seen and talked about. It speaks luxury. Only the most confident people will be able to pull it off. The bold gold plating and massive face is what attracts the eye. The monochromatic color scheme adds to the beauty. The date is shown at the position of three and dual time display is shown at nine. It costs about $130 which is quite economical for the look you are getting.

SBA DZ7127

If you are looking for that ideal watch with different time zones, then SBA DZ7127 is perfect. It costs about $300. It's the perfect travel buddy for that frequent traveler. It features digital, three-hand displays, and chronograph. This time piece offers numerous ways to monitor time. The tint on it changes its color in sunlight.

Mr Daddy 2.0 DZ7333

Another great timepiece by Diesel is Mr Daddy 2.0 DZ7333. It is a gold tone plated bracelet with accents on the bezel and face. This is the ideal watch for anyone looking for luxury at affordable price. It would be a perfect addition to your collection of flashy accessories. It also offers display of multiple time zones simultaneously. The Japanese quartz movement is safe and reliable. It has three chronograph sub dials and bold flashy design that would definitely turn heads. It costs around $179.

Overflow DZ4341

The exceptional Overflow DZ4341 retails for about $121. It has a stainless steel case with a calfskin leather band. The simple buckle style closure gives it a classic look. This watch is water resistant and can work fine down to 330 feet. This makes it ideal for snorkeling and recreational swimming. You get a date window at 3 and index hour markers. This timepiece can be worn casually and formally.

On Hybrid

This exceptional timepiece by Diesel can sync to your phone. It will notify you whenever you have an incoming call or text messages. With the cost being only $79, this timepiece helps you stay on schedule and connect with friends and loved ones. You can also get it to work in sync with health related apps to achieve your fitness goals. It has a great battery life that can last up to six months. It is available in four colors and you can choose the one that goes best with your style.

Rasp DZ1806

The Rasp DZ1806 makes a statement timepiece at extremely affordable 64 dollars. It has a red silicone strap that sets it apart from others. The gunmetal dial and large number 9 adds to the uniqueness of the timepiece. It does give a little sporty look and is a good choice for anyone who admires the classics. The three hands, analog display makes things simple. It is water resistant to 165 feet.

Mega Chief DZ4323

The Mega Chief DZ4323 is for all the brave and resilient people out there. It might make a great gift for fire fighters, policemen, or military members. The iridescent crystal front makes this timepiece special as it changes from red to blue in different angles. The watch itself is durable and sturdy. It costs $138.

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