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Apart from fashionable apparel, Marc Jacobs is known for its designer accessories as well, especially watches. The founder Marc Jacobs launched his label by the name of Marc Jacobs in 1993, and started designing clothes. His first-ever collection was hand-knit sweaters for women at Parsons. Eventually, he started supervising the entire women’s wear segment for the business. After gaining success with women’s wear, he went on to design men’s fashion wear, and finally, dived straight into accessories and bags along with cosmetics, fragrances and watches.

Marc Jacobs timepieces are designed to match premium standards. Their timepiece legacy is remarkable, and there is no denying that the founder’s fashion sense has influenced the accessory range deeply. Apart from incredible designs, the watches produced by Marc Jacobs involve impressive craftsmanship and exquisite patterns. Marc Jacobs also partners with larger watch brands to manufacture and distribute their designs currently.

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History of Marc Jacobs

Whether it is a simple bag or, a watch, there is no denying the fact that Marc Jacobs makes it extraordinary, and ensures that it stands out.

Marc Jacobs started his career by designing sweaters and working at Charivari. Eventually, he moved onto redefine the business format for Vuitton, which is now a premium bag brand. Known for innovating design standards and crafting inspirational designs, Marc Jacobs’ every piece of work is of fashion and quality.

Marc Jacobs doesn’t just follow anything that is trending; Marc Jacobs creates new trends for others to follow. Every piece is crafted with precision, keeping in mind the audience segments, and what they want. Create and innovate are the two pillars that have made the brand powerful and enhanced its experience. They have always been unconventional, be it in their designs or the selection of celebrities who endorse their products.

Embracing Watches

It was not an unusual path to tread for this brand when they decided to unleash their watch collection. Every design was labeled with excellence and had a tinge of Marc Jacobs creativity and finesse attached to it.

Marc Jacobs watches are outsourced, manufactured, and developed by the assistance of Fossil. Fossil has the expertise in delivering highly accurate and precision-oriented Marc Jacob watches, so the merger was a win-win for both. With Fossil backing its manufacturing and distribution, Marc Jacobs rose to fame with its spectacular designs, unique collections, and patterns that no one else experimented with. So, the Marc Jacobs and Fossil merger led them to redefine the watch industry by showcasing unique and stylish pieces.

The brand was making headway towards the next evolution, and it was time to partner with someone who is an expert in the field, and knows how to innovate. Hence, Bedrock happened to be the right partner for Marc Jacobs.

The brand is not just selling watches, but rather luxury experiences. Consumers who purchase Marc Jacobs products expect luxury, and that is exactly what the brand aims to offer. What makes Marc Jacobs watches tick is the fact that they are very different from regular watches. This brand creates fashion that is way ahead of its time. When other brands are focusing on current trends, Marc Jacobs is busy focusing on innovative experiences. With Bedrock, the company has come a long way indeed, from when it was with Fossil. The new team will differentiate the brand and its designs and add an element of unique craftsmanship to the watches.

Unique Collections of Marc Jacobs Watches

As with every brand, there is a defined collection that has led to Marc Jacobs’ success. So, take a look at the best watch editions produced by this company.

The Peanuts Collection

This was a unique edition designed by the brand, which was inspired by the Peanuts cartoon. The colors and even the watch dials feature this cartoon and have brilliance written all over it. You will find impressive designs of Snoopy and other Peanuts characters in the watch designs created by this brand. They had this designed for both cuff and round watches. In some designs, even the watch strap showcases the cartoon. These watches are water-resistant as well. However, you cannot wear them while swimming. They were originally part of the Quartz movement.


Marc Jacobs designs stylish and luxurious chronographs that stand out amidst ordinary timepieces effortlessly. Their gold chronograph with diamond studs is a stunner for sure. The round dial, the brilliant way in which Marc Jacobs is written around the dial, and the golden strap, all make up for an impressive chronograph.

Rose Gold Watches

The brand’s rose gold watch designs are a delight to the eyes. They offer bracelet straps as well as regular straps for these Marc Jacob watches. You cannot miss the hint of rose gold that exudes elegance and impresses with its style statement.

Make a Statement with Marc Jacobs

If you love keeping your wardrobe updated with the best and latest in fashion, you must own a Marc Jacobs watch. They redefine style and are as good as precious heirlooms. Whether you get yourself a simple round watch or one from the delightful rose gold collection, it will unleash experiences that are rarely associated with accessories. So, stay ahead of your time with Marc Jacobs watches.

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