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The Movado Group has been manufacturing and distributing state-of-the-art watches in collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger for about two decades. The partnership was forged between the two entities after the signing of an exclusive licensing agreement. Tommy Hilfiger is one of the world’s largest players in the fashion/lifestyle market and known for its renowned emphasis upon quality. Over the years, the brand has made inroads into the luxury watch market combining ‘cool and casual’ style with well-appreaciated quality and craftsmanship.

In case you are a fashion enthusiast, you might as well be aware of Tommy Hilfiger and the rich heritage that the brand carries along. The namesake company/brand was incorporated in 1985 with the aim to provide the best-in-class apparels and accessories to fashion lovers across the world.

Tommy Hilfiger is renowned for providing its global customer base with products that are developed and designed to go the distance. Be it elegant timepieces or cool and ‘Americanised’ clothing, Tommy Hilfiger has an untarnished iconic stature in the world of fashion and lifestyle because of the innovation with colours and seamless incorporation of urbaness in everything the brand designs. There’s a huge collection of timepieces for you to choose from. Right from the classic Silver Dial Analog Watch (model number TH1781909) to the Grey Dial Analog Watch with Date Function (Model number TH1791498), there is absolutely no shortage of eye-catchy timepieces.


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New Tommy Hilfiger Watches


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All About Tommy Hilfiger Watches

Tommy Hilfiger: A History of Style and Luxury

Timepieces by Tommy Hilfiger were first launched in India in 2004. A Tommy Hilfiger timepiece has a robust design which in no way takes away the contemporary and upmarket styling. Each collection is manufactured using the finest stainless steel varieties. The face of these watches has a mineral crystal on it which creates a damage-proof design. Moving on, Tommy Hilfiger watches are manufactured and designed by Movado and most of the timepieces are made in China. Some timepieces are water-resistant (up to a depth of 30-50 metres), depending upon the model and range of the timepiece.

The technical specs of a Tommy Hilfiger timepieces pretty much equal those Swiss luxury watches that are hard to get your hand on because of the nose bleeding prices. Almost all of the watches are designed to be fashion and lifestyle accessories rather than standalone flagship products.

A majority of Tommy Hilfiger watches are ideal for those who love a ‘casual’ look and feel. Also, these watches are tailor-made to suit the preferences of customers and various occasions, be it formal or casual. Reasonably priced, Tommy Hilfiger watches can be bought by even those who have a budget for low-range watches. Stores also have women-oriented models. Take the example of the classic Tommy Hilfiger Leather Ladies Watch in gold-tone (Model number 1782038). The watch is one of the most popular accessories in the women’s segment. While these watches have stylish chronographs, many of them don’t offer water-resistance.

Some Popular Tommy Hilfiger Timepieces

Grey Dial Analog Watch with Date Function (TH1791498)

The Grey Dial Analog Watch from Tommy Hilfiger offers a variety of features for the buyers to note. This is a popular watch that features a silver strap along with a grey dial. Also, the watch is built to give you years of service as a highly durable mineral glass has been used to protect the face from harsh external elements. Moreover, the battery life is long-lasting and resistant to damage. The lustrous stainless steel case is crafted with precision to create a style that complements any ensemble.

This eye-catching timepiece from Tommy Hilfiger is just about the perfect partner for formal as well as informal get-togethers. This watch is all that you will ever need to turn up your style quotient.

Blue Dial Analog Watch with Date Function (TH1791500)

The Blue Dial Analog Watch with Date Function is a stylish timepiece that would go well with both formal, as well as casual clothing. The dial is blue and would go well with a wide range of outfits. This analogue timepiece features a date display window to keep you abreast of the date. Also, a round-shaped case made of premium quality stainless steel keeps this masterpiece protected from damage by impacts. Moreover, the watch features a highly reliable Quartz movement and the face is covered with a mineral glass that seals in the internal mechanism, protecting it from external harsh elements and giving a sleek feel that complements the overall character of the watch. A Prussian-style blue dial lends the watch freshness and elegance. It’s affordable for a wide customer base who loves luxury watches.

Pink Dial Multifunction Watch for Women (NBTH1781944)

The Pink Dial Multifunction Watch would be the perfect addition to anyone’s timepiece collection, especially for those who have an impeccable taste for multi-functional watches. This watch comprises three sub-dials which denote day, date, and hour readings. A striking feature is the battery that goes on for a considerable amount of time, which means the batteries do not need to be changed after every few months. This women’s watch is paired alongside a stylish round-shaped case made of premium quality stainless steel. This means that the watch can be carried over long distances with relative ease. Mineral glass is used to protect the face.

White Dial Analog Watch (NBTH1791511)

The White Dial Analog Watch is a classic timepiece that is known for its minimalist design. The elegant-looking white dial goes well with blue-coloured hour markers. The watch would go well with all kinds of attires, right from the formal shirting to the colourful Sunday wear. Also, the watch contains a powerful battery that won’t wear out after a few months of using it on a regular basis. The classical silver-coloured dial is easy on the eye and doesn’t weigh much. Moreover, this piece is a symbol of unmatched elegance and craftsmanship.

Each timepiece has its unique identity that defines the dedication and the creative grain of each designer. The highly skilled craftsman puts in the effort to create the most refined piece of watch that also delivers accurate time in different time zones. Tommy Hilfiger's constant growth in the luxury watch market has been phenomenal in terms of the choice of customers, the reliability of their watches for time-keeping, durable design, and innovation in styles.

Being the iconic brand it is, Tommy Hilfiger makes sure that each watch has a unique character. Each watch we picked had distinct features, either the efficiency or style of the timepiece. At such prices, it is rare to find watches that have gold stainless steel cases and classy dial design that you only find in expensive Swiss watches. Talking about the market value of Tommy Hilfiger watches, you won’t really find anything beyond the $250 range. Be it a birthday or a festive occasion, you can consider Tommy Hilfiger watches as gifts for your family, friends, relatives, and close associates.

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